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(763) 786-3945

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Tony Garry
P. O. Box 490721
Blaine, MN 55449



An Upbeat, Entertaining Show

Of Songs Everyone Knows!

Tony Garry is Full-Time, Professional Entertainer
specializing in Vocals, Acoustic and
Electric Guitars, Vocal Harmonizing Processor and Harmonica.
He's Written and Recorded over 100 songs
appears on Records, Tapes, CD's and DVD's.

His Show features All Styles of American Music.
It's a happy mix of Standards, Swing, Nostalgia
Favorites, Old Time, Patriotic, 50s-60s-70s,
Country, Novelty, Ballads and Inspirational Music.
There's everyone from Bing Crosby to Frank Sinatra,
Hank Williams to Johnny Cash, Frankie
Yankovic to Whoopie John, Woody Guthrie to John
Denver, Elvis Presley to Eric Clapton, Buddy Holly
to Bruce Springsteen, the Beatles to the Beach
Boys, Neil Diamond to Jimmy Buffet, and
Hundreds of Other Popular Artists!

Besides Special Senior Shows, a list of venues
where Tony appears include
Nightclubs, Weddings, Private Parties and
Outdoor Festivals.

Tony offers CD's of Rockin' Oldies
('The Boomer Generation'),
Golden Oldies ('Medleys'),
as well as a Christmas CD.
Available at his Shows and Online.


As a Full-Time Professional Entertainer,
Tony is available Days or Evenings,
Week-Days or Week-Ends.

* Added Bonus *

Also available on Short Notice.
By keeping his information handy
you'll have the opportunity to
fill any sudden needs that might arise
due to cancellations or schedule changes.

Thank You ! !

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Standards, Swing, Nostalgia
Favorites, Old Time, Patriotic,
50s-60s-70s, Country, Novelty,
Ballads, Spiritual Music


Frequently Asked

Rockin' Oldies Song Samples

Golden Oldies Song Samples

You are My Sunshine
Oh Marie
40's Medley
Johnny Cash
The Ladies Medley
The Gents Medley
The Beer Barrel Polka
The Patriotic Medley
The USA Medley
The Inspirational Medley
The Aloha & Happy Trails