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Need Quality Entertainment
For A Group Of Seniors?

That's What Tony's Been Doing
For Over 35 Years!
Providing A Quality Show
With Your Satisfaction Guaranteed!


What are your Qualifications?

     Tony has been Entertaining as an On-Stage Professional since 1967. Tony is a Crowd-Pleaser and in 1985 began offering special Programs for Senior Citizens. He has since performed Thousands of Shows for Thousands of Seniors in Churches, Social and Community Groups, Retirement, Independent and Assisted Living Communities, Health and Memory Cares throughout the Twin Cities Metro Area.
    He has The Widest Repertoire Of Music Available. With fun for audiences of all ages, there's something for everyone. He'll Look good and Sound good, making You the buyer Look good and Feel good.

What kind of a Program is it?

     It's a Quality & Fun Show of Live Musical Entertainment rather than background kuroki tracks. The beauty of it is song-requests are performed for the audience 'on demand' without wasting their time fumbling in search of a song recording.
Tony will interact with the audience, making sure everyone enjoys the program and enjoys themselves - and he's been doing it as a Profession for over 35 years.

What Instruments do you play?

     Tony accompanies himself on Vocals with a hand-made Alvarez Yairi Acoustic-Electric Guitar, and an additional 6 Golden Melody Harmonicas.

What Equipment do you provide?

     All Performance Equipment is provided, which includes a new Sound System featuring 180° Spectrum Coverage so everyone in all corners of the room hears clearly. All microphones, cables, stands and instruments are furnished.

What type of Music do you play?

     Rather than one fixed set of material, Tony tailors his performance to fit the audience, occasion/event, age group, and the setting.  Whatever your Special Gathering, whether it's a Birthday or Holiday Party, a Family Day or Night Event, a Picnic, or other Theme-Based Party, you can request any particular type of music you want.  It can be Peppy/Fun, Singalong, Concert-Style, or Strolling.  It can be Contemporary or Traditional, Patriotic or Gospel, Classics or Old-Time, Nostalgia or FolkSongs, Humorous or LoveSongs, and of course your Requests and Dedications.

What do I need to Provide?

     An electrical outlet, and a space to set-up. 

What is your Rate?

     Tony's standard hourly rate has remained unchanged for 10 years and is negotiable for people with budget challenges. Due to greater demand, Holiday Shows such as Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day etc. are booked at a higher rate, as well as Shows requiring extra travel.
     The hourly rate is the same for any Show up to one hour in length.

   * Additional Performers can be added to any Show,
however extra fees apply for Each Additional Performer.   

     You can spend more money, but you won't find higher Quality.  If you are looking for Quality bang for your buck, you've made the right choice : )

    Thank You and Many Blessings!

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